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Towards the physics of more complex behaviors

  • The Science Center (Rm. 4102) at The Graduate Center, CUNY 365 5th Avenue New York, NY, 10016 United States (map)

In the past decade there has been considerable progress toward a “physics of behavior,” taming the complexity of animal movements in their natural contexts. Here we explore the next layers of complexity in songbirds, dolphins, and the general problem of animal navigation.

9:30 AM Bagels & Coffee

10:00 AM Animal Navigation in Uncertain Environments
Agnese Seminara, Institut de Physique de Nice

11:30 AM Coffee Break

12:00 PM Quantitative windows into the minds of dolphins
Marcelo Magnasco, Rockefeller University

1:30 PM Lunch

2:30 PM How birds sing: taking precise data, making precise theories, Part I
Ilya Nemenman & Samuel Sober, Emory University

4:00 PM Coffee Break

4:30 PM How birds sing, Part II
Ilya Nemenman & Samuel Sober, Emory University

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Sponsored by the Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences, and by the CUNY doctoral programs in Physics and Biology. Supported in part by the Center for the Physics of Biological Function, a joint effort of The Graduate Center and Princeton University. For more information please visit and