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Marcos Rigol: Emergent eigenstate solution to quantum dynamics far from equilibrium

  • Room 5209, The Graduate Center, CUNY 365 5th Avenue New York, NY, 10016 United States (map)

F Apr 5 11am Room 5209

Marcos Rigol, Pennsylvania State University

Quantum dynamics of interacting many-body systems has become a 
unique venue for the realization of novel states of matter. In this talk, we 
discuss how it can lead to the generation of time-evolving states that are 
eigenstates of emergent local Hamiltonians, not trivially related to the ones 
dictating the time evolution. We study geometric quenches in fermionic and 
bosonic systems in one-dimensional lattices, and provide examples of 
experimentally relevant time-evolving states [1,2] that are either ground 
states or highly excited eigenstates of emergent local Hamiltonians [3]. We 
also discuss the expansion of Mott insulating domains at finite temperature. 
Surprisingly, the melting of the Mott domain is accompanied by an effective 
cooling of the system [4]. We explain this phenomenon analytically using the 
equilibrium description provided by the emergent local Hamiltonian [4,5].

Part of the Condensed matter physics seminar series
Organizers: Sarang Gopalakrishnan & Tankut Can

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