Opportunities for CUNY Faculty

Organizing Events for ITS

The Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences (ITS) sponsors seminars, workshops, and visitors at the CUNY Graduate Center. Over past several years, program topics have included condensed matter physics, evolutionary biology, quantum information theory, neuroscience, many aspects of applied mathematics, theoretical and computational chemistry, and the physics of biological systems. Formats have varied to meet the needs of different groups, from regular weekly meetings to one-day symposia, and more.

The ITS invites proposals from all CUNY science faculty for programs to be held in Spring 2019 and beyond. ITS will provide the resources for speaker travel and lodging, and other incidentals, as well as administrative support for events. Proposals should be brief, describing the topic, program format, a list of desired speakers, and the likely audience. Budget information is not essential at the outset, and we can work with proposers to develop more detailed plans as needed. Preference will be given to proposals involving cooperation among multiple faculty members. While ITS is aimed at the theoretical sciences, this mission is construed broadly, recognizing that the strongest stimuli for theory often come from experiment. 

For fullest consideration, proposals for events in Spring 2019 should be received by October 15, 2018; we hope to provide feedback within a few weeks. Documents should be sent as a single pdf file to Proposals will be evaluated by a committee, listed below, most of whom have been involved in organizing previous events at ITS and can also provide advice. We expect to renew this call each semester. If you have ideas for academic year 2019-20, feel free to send these along by the Oct 15 deadline, and we can plan ahead.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.